Mindlessness in High Places

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Politicians and people in the media waste little time getting before the public to reinforce ignorance of the causal explanations of political behavior. Following the stabbing of 20 high-school students in Pennsylvania, a Republican congressman was on network television declaring that a major problem among the young is the lack of enough psychologists and the need for more medications to help the kids.  Is this damned fool that ignorant – or wicked – in babbling such utter nonsense? Is he unaware of how most – perhaps all – of the high-school shootings have been carried out by boys (why no girls?) on prescription mood-altering drugs?  Would this nitwit-in-high-places also suggest that Uncle Willie’s cirrhosis could best be treated by getting him to switch to an alternate brand of Scotch?

Now you know why Ron Paul was so often outvoted 434-1 on bills in Congress!

12:38 pm on April 9, 2014