March LRC Events: Woods, ASC, Sabrin, Taylor

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There are several events remaining in March. Tom Woods will be speaking next Wednesday in Farmingdale, NY. The glorious Austrian Scholars Conference will be in Auburn, AL. Murray Sabrin will go after the Welfare-Warfare state in Paramus, NJ. Finally Linda Schrock Taylor will be speaking in Birmingham, AL. See March LRC Events.

In regards to the Austrian Scholars Conference, let me encourage you to come to this event even if you are not a professional academic and even if you aren’t particularly familiar with Austro-libertarian literature. I brought my wife and she was amazed at how much she got out of the conference with almost no background in the literature.

I attribute that to two things. First, the topics covered are varied enough that you don’t have to be interested in some narrow specialized topic of economics. Covering economics, history, philosophy, literature (Mark Twain this year!), politics, religion and more, you would have to be brain dead to find nothing interesting at the conference. Secondly, the lack of mathematized jargon means that the layman can understand what is being talked about. Thirdly, (OK, three things!), you will hear people discuss politics with the most amazing and refreshing candor and clarity. If you have had a steady diet of politician-speak hearing these guys talk is like seeing the fog finally lift.

There is no deadline on registrations (one friend that often goes with me usually calls to register on the way down). So just do it. Come on, come on. Do it.

10:33 am on March 8, 2006