Makeup on Pigs

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Regarding news sources, for those who are interested in reality I think it is necessary to realize that the “liberal media” are not “liberal” in any way — either the Ted Kennedy type, or the European, classical liberal version. With very few exceptions, they are radical Marxist ideologues. Just like Obama. That’s why they love and adore him so much and will tell any lie, orchestrate any smear, and attack any critic, to defend him. Now that we have a lame duck Marxist in the White House, MSNBC has “The Road to Change” on the screen on one of its far-left evening blabfests. The only “change” that they aspire to is an even bigger welfare/warfare/police state, one that grows at an even faster rate than what we have now.

All those pretty boy metrosexuals, dressed up with caked-on makeup and hairweaves, are Potemkin Village journalists. The same goes for their female counterparts. You can put makeup on a totalitarian but he still sounds like a totalitarian.

It almost goes without saying that the Faux News Neocons are just as bad, if not worse, as is Neocon Nation on talk radio. Get your news from the internet where it is much easier to apply your own bullshit detector.

1:42 pm on December 13, 2012