Libertarian Diggers: Mailing List and

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There are now two additional ways to help out with getting libertarian stories promoted on Digg (and thus before a very large audience).

First, I have started a “Libertarian Diggers” mailing list. This is a low traffic mailing list for announcements of libertarian stories on Digg. Join the mailing list.

Alternatively, I have set up a page where I will post libertarian Digg stories. The great advantage to this is you can subscribe to an RSS feed for the page.

Our efforts have already borne fruit with quite a few stories promoted to the front page and this encouraging comment from a digg user:
“Seems like the libertarian idea is getting more and more attention on Digg, which is great. Maybe this will be the group to challenge the bureaucracy in place..”

Oh yeah, please digg today’s Daily Article. The Environment topic at Digg needs some pro-private property articles!

3:00 pm on July 18, 2006