Krauthammer “Hearts” the NSA (Short for “Nazi”) Police State

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After reporting on how the government’s gargantuan spy-on-American-citizens bureaucracy is many orders of magnitude bigger than anything Hitler’s SS  or Stalin’s KGB could have imagined, Faux News turned tonight to its “panel of experts” to tell us what we should think about all of this.

The Official Word from Charles Krauthammer is:  Nothing to see here folks, move along.  “There has been no abuse,” he said, therefore we should all just shaaaaduppp about it.

Then there was Juan Williams arguing that “Congress knew about this,” therefore we should all just shaaaaduppp.  Nothing to see here.  If Congress knows about it, says Juan, then of course it must all be moral and just.

“It’s legal, and it’s working” the third Faux News talking head informs us to end the show.  Of course it is.  That’s what the government says, and we all know that politicians never, ever, lie.

UPDATE:  Michael R. writes:  “It’s legal and its working.”  “Tell that to the late finishers at the Boston Marathon.”

4:58 pm on June 10, 2013