Keynesians Stomp Their Little Feet

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Thanks to Tom Woods for pointing out how angry David Frum is over David Stockman’s important new book, The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism. And note that Frum uses psychobabble rather than argument. Thanks also to Tom for pointing out where David goes wrong, though as he told me, “my book is still very close to the LRC gospel.” Indeed, it’s a tour de force on the Fed, big banks, Wall Street, FDR, Reagan, financial fascism, bubbles, busts, and so much more, as shown by the Keynesian outrage, including from Paul Krugman. “Every time Krugman attacks me,” said David, “my sales go up.” David has been much influenced by Ron Paul. That’s another reason for the hate.

11:55 am on April 4, 2013