Just Another Second There

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Writes Robert L. Stephens {website): “Before we consign Mr. Olin to the ranks of the military-industrial-complex co-enablers, I feel obliged to point out that Mr. Olin’s contributions to the areas of small arms and ammunition manufacture were also of benefit to private self-defense and sport shooters. As this history describes:

“‘Western Cartridge made further strides as John Olin, a holder of some 20 patents in the ammunition field, developed Super-X ammunition. The Olin family risked much of their personal fortune during the midst of the Depression when they purchased the bankrupt Winchester Repeating Arms Company in 1931. The Olins ended Winchester’s disastrous experiment with the hardware trade, and returned the company to its core competencies of manufacturing firearms and ammunition. For many years, the resulting company was known as Winchester-Western, but the name was later shortened to Winchester, which is headquartered in East Alton, Illinois….“‘After the War, the Winchester Division continued its leadership in technology and new product development. In 1963, Winchester developed a new process and new equipment for production of plastic shot shells. Later, it developed some of the first steel shot to be used in hunting over waterways. The Ball Powder plant at St. Marks, Florida, was built in 1969. In 1981, Winchester sold its firearms business to U. S. Repeating Arms Corporation, which continues to manufacture rifles and shotguns bearing the Winchester name under a licensing agreement with Winchester.

“‘Today, Winchester is the world’s leading producer of sporting and personal defense ammunition, and it also produces small caliber ammunition for the U. S. military and allied forces–both at its headquarters site in East Alton, Illinois, and through the Lake City Army Ammunition plant….’

“More about Winchester ammunition here.

“I’m not sure any concern as large as the one the Olin family built can ever be immune from becoming enmeshed with Leviathan. I really don’t see Olin being any worse than most others in this respect.

“Disclaimer: I’m a very satisfied customer of their fine handgun ammunition.”

10:39 pm on April 6, 2005