Jesús Huerta de Soto in London

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Writes Paul Green:

Huerta de Soto at the London School of Economics yesterday — absolutely terrific and to an overflowing house of nearly 500.  Impassioned like a firebrand preacher. All kinds of people were there, including skeptics, but when he punched home the need for 100% gold reserves, loud applause and at least one cheer (mine) from the ordinarily reserved British broke out. Lots of laughter at the expense of central bankers and planners too. And all this in  London — maybe the British Parliament has a Ron Paul or two in the making?  Time will tell, of course, but the main thing is that the ideas are  catching fire. I wonder if they thought Huerta de Soto was a classic liberal as I did, until I was warmed to read (only after the event) of his progression from that in an excellent 2009 post/article at, to full blown anarchocapitalist. I wish now I had queued up to shake hands and have a book signed — but there were so many others, I think it would have been a long wait. Actually, though clear on the basics, I’m less of an economist it seems than one of my homeschooled sons, who was also there and greatly enjoyed at least the 80% he understood; more study required.

UPDATE from John Leo Keenan:

Here is Huerta de Soto’s speech at the London School of Economics on mp3.

10:39 am on October 29, 2010