Is Voting a Sacred Duty?

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For months now I have seen and heard the pleas from Christians for Christians to “vote Republican.” This usually comes disguised as the importance of voting in this “historic” election. What shocked me recently was admonitions from the pulpit to make sure you register to vote since this week is the last week in Florida to register in time to vote in the Nov. election. This was followed by something like “I don’t care who you vote for,” “it doesn’t matter who you vote for as long as you vote,” and “just pray and ask God for whom you should vote.” This is worse than just saying or implying  “Vote Republican” because it makes voting a sacred duty instead of just voting to put the least worst person in office. Okay, if it doesn’t matter whom I vote for, then how about if I vote for the Socialist Party candidate Stewart Alexander? (I think the Communist Party has endorsed Obama).

10:46 am on October 7, 2012