Is There Anything that Military Personnel Don’t Get Discounts On?

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From the Hustler Money Blog:

If you are in the military, TurboTax Military Edition is offering free federal and state tax filing for military personnel ranked E-1 to E-5. Take charge and get more than just a tax refund with a customized experience that gets you military-specific tax deductions, using our new TurboTax Military Edition. Those who are military personnel ranked E-6 to E-10 and officers, they can receive a deep discount on the TurboTax Military Edition.

Is there anything that military personnel don’t get discounts on? Of course, I support the free market. If a business wants to gives discounts to the military then that is their decision. But anyone in favor of this should also support the right of businesses to give discounts just to whites, blacks, Christians, Jews, men, women, garbagemen, salesmen, etc.

9:27 am on January 6, 2013