‘Intelligence-Driven,’ My Foot

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The TSA’s vaunted “PreCheck” has a problem. No, not its inherent economic fascism: only we wackos consider that a drawback. Rather, “security flaws in airline boarding passes could allow would-be terrorists or smugglers to know in advance whether they will be subject to certain security measures, and perhaps even permit them to modify the designated measures.”

This has the cowardly all a-flutter. They overlook one salient fact, however: those “would-be terrorists” aren’t exactly lurking behind the potted plants on the concourse. Nope, they’re out in the open, wearing blue shirts and gloves, gate-raping passengers. We don’t need bar-codes and “security measures” for the chumps buying tickets: we need ‘em for the perverts and criminals the Feds sic on us.

Meanwhile, the TSA has trotted out the same boilerplate it does whenever someone points out another of the numerous flaws in any of its crimes: “TSA Pre Check is only one part of our intelligence-driven, risk-based approach.”

“Intelligence-driven” and “risk-based,” huh? So what “intelligence” did you dimwits receive that a woman dying of cancer was an unelected terrorist worthy of abuse and humiliation? Or that Andrea Abbott and her 14-year-old daughter were? What “intelligence” tells you that every single customer buying a ticket is so dangerous we must overturn the First, Second, and Fourth Amendments and search him without a warrant, strip all weapons from him, and arrest him for his speech?

You craven, fundamentally mendacious, predatory, thieving liars. There is nothing “intelligence-driven” or “risk-based” in anything you do. May the Almighty you mock wipe you from the face of the earth.

9:30 am on October 24, 2012