Historical Truth Versus Propaganda Lies

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Lew Rockwell’s fascinating conversational interview with the great John V. Denson is superb and not to be missed by LRC devotees. Denson is one of my favorite contemporary historians. His scholarly brilliance and prudential integrity are evident in every sentence he crafts in his three masterworks, A Century of War, The Costs of War, and Reassessing the Presidency. His incisive discussion of the CIA’s Operation Ajax and the 1953 coup against Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh reminded me of two related items which should interest LRC readers: “All the Sham’s Men: How the CIA used ‘anti-Communism’ to extinguish Iranian democracy,” and “Comic Book Propaganda in the Cold War: T-Man in ‘Death Trap in Iran!’ (1952).”

9:58 pm on December 8, 2012