Herman W. McCain, ‘Going Bold’!

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Wow. This will inspire the masses.

Herman will “pull the right levers to turn around the fundamentals of this economy,” while “listening  to our military commanders on the ground in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.” He will “maintain our superpower status,” stand by Israel, and unite with Canada and Mexico in a “strategic region.”

Gee, I’m breathless. Aren’t you? How imaginative! How inspired!

Oh, and he expects congress, run by Washington’s bipartisan insider elite that is looting America (as a friend puts it), to roll over and play dead, singing “9-9-9″ to the tune of “Kumbaya” (try it at home!).

For a moment Herman reminded me of a cross between Gerald Ford and John McCain. But he’s actually just warmed-over George W. Bush. No threat to the Hot Tub, no closed agencies, no budget cuts. And note this: Only Herman has the stature to promise an executive order outlawing affirmative action and all other forms of discrimination on January 20, 2013.

He won’t.

Still not convinced? His foreign policy adviser, Henry Kissinger, thinks he’s “brilliant.”

8:53 am on November 5, 2011