Good for Obama

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On MSNBC’s Morning Joe today, Joe Scarborough, Mike Barnacle, and Pat Buchanan praised Hillary for attacking Obama. At the CNN-YouTube forum, he had said he would be willing, as president, to meet with the heads of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Venezuela in the cause of peace. The warmonger Hillary was aghast, in effect agreeing with Bush that the US is far too holy to soil its skirts by mixing with the designated sinners of the moment. Thus the hosannas from the US Amen Corner: Scarborough, Barnacle, and Buchanan.

American nationalism, like every form of that ideology, is an evil. But how many other countries see themselves as annointed by God to rule the nations, and therefore superior to other peoples? I guess every empire.

In our own case, it started with the Pilgrims, who saw themselves as the neo-Chosen People, America as the neo-Zion, and anyone who stood in their way–such as the Indians–as neo-Amalekites to be exterminated man, woman, and child.

Today, too many Americans see the citizens of any nation that refuses to take US orders as subhumans. It’s OK to sicken and starve them, or to kill them in outright war, unless they bend the knee. Obama said he would seek to be a peacemaker, and thus the assault.

8:32 am on July 25, 2007