Dog Days in Austin

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Jeff in Austin writes:

Thank you so much for posting the tragic story of Cisco, the dog murdered by one of Austin’s “finest” thugs. The only good thing that I’ve seen come out of this is the rightful public outrage at police, particularly Austin’s notoriously corrupt and murderous police. Any search for police brutality in Austin will reveal that this is merely typical behavior of these thugs. They seem to have a department policy of “kill first, cover up next.” This includes both human and canine victims. I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard of another pet being murdered by these scumbags. In fact, one of my doctors even had one of his young Great Danes shot by APD after they invaded his property when responding to a false security alarm in his neighborhood—it wasn’t even his house that had a false alarm. Fortunately, his dog survived, but has thenceforth lived with only three legs.

I’m sure you’ll be utterly shocked to read this, but apparently now the police are scrambling to find any justification for this, and it looks like it is now the dog’s fault, according to them.

3:51 pm on April 19, 2012