Does the Financial Crisis Raise Moral Questions?

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I sympathize with poor Bill Anderson, who tries his best to reply to the platitudes of Jim Wallis, the left-evangelical for whom “morality” always, by an interesting coincidence, seems to involve the expansion of state power.  Gary North’s list of unanswerable questions for Wallis is excellent, as is the title of the article containing the questions: “I Have Some Questions for Jim Wallis, the American Evangelical Community’s Most Famous Promoter (There Are Very Few) of the Left-Wing Social Gospel Movement. He Never Answers These Questions. He Pretends I Do Not Exist. But I Do Exist, Unlike His Answers.”

I’ll be doing my best to sort out the real if neglected moral issues raised by the economic crisis and the bailouts at a Wednesday luncheon in Grand Rapids.

7:37 pm on October 5, 2009