Democracy vs. Capitalism: Hillary vs. China

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Here’s another clear example of the antagonism between the democracy articulated and promoted by U.S. leaders, which is always pap about human rights and freedom, and capitalism, which is the progressive economic system of money, private property, prices, free markets, capital accumulation, and rising living standards. I refer to Hillary Clinton’s speech in Africa in which she contrasted the U.S. commitment to democracy and human rights with rival power’s (read: China’s) supposed exploitation of natural resources. Here we have Hillary coating her outmoded and invalid marxism with a varnish of liberal sounding language, all in direct opposition to China’s version of capitalism, which itself mixes state and company actions in a brew that’s often hard to decypher but which does go partway down the capitalist trail by pouring in capital to develop natural and people resources.

There was a Chinese response.

6:48 am on August 3, 2012