David Horowitz Is Frantic About Ron Paul

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It’s almost funny. I mean the laughable smears by the PC brigade against Ron Paul, this time because he is against perpetual war in the Middle East, and perpetual foreign aid to Israel, Egypt, Jordan, etc. For this, Ron is branded by former communist and current run-on sentencer David Horowitz as a “Vicious Anti-Semite and Anti-American and Conservatives Need To Wash Their Hands of Him.” A follow-up article by the slightly less run-on but more wonderfully named David Swindle is entitled “The Anti-Semites Who Swarmed Us at CPAC and the Future of the Right.” On the other hand, also at CPAC, Bush conservative Ann Coulter said, in answer to a student question: “Dr. Paul is a very smart man and whenever he says anything I listen, unless it is about foreign policy, because I am afraid he might convince me.” Indeed, more and more Americans are being convinced by Ron Paul on peace as well as freedom, Austrian economics, and the Fed.

2:42 pm on February 18, 2011