Chris Matthews Wants To See Obama’s Full Birth Certificate

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I could not believe my eyes when I read this article.

This is a serious turning point in public opinion when three undeniably liberal media stars—Chris Matthews (MSNBC), Clarence Page (Chicago Tribune), and David Corn (Mother Jones)—say they want to see President Obama’s birth certificate.

Obviously the “birther” issue is not going away.

This is another example of the way the Internet has changed American politics. Until now, no establishment-type media outlets or spokespeople—Left or Right—have taken this position, as far as I’m aware. This issue has stayed alive because of the Internet.

Indeed, no conservative, Republican, or libertarian could take the position that Matthews, Page, and Corn have now taken, without being demonized as a “birther,” which now ranks lower than being a John Bircher in the liberals’ rendering of Hades. Obviously, even liberals are beginning to wonder why the White House doesn’t kill this issue by simply providing the evidence.

Why, indeed?

Watch the article’s video of this “Hardball” segment. Chris Matthews is unrelenting in wanting to see the full birth certificate. Clarence Page’s ridiculous non-arguments are a perfect example of why wussy liberals like him are a joke—”The President has better things to do,” “the President doesn’t care,” and “I don’t blame him”—but he finally caves in to Matthews because he can’t come up with a real reason for Obama to hold back.

Like all three of them, I am not a birther. I think David Corn has the best argument, and it has nothing to do with the official birth certificate: Both Honolulu newspapers carried Obama birth announcements right after he was born, and you have to be totally out there to think that this was a cover-up plot in 1961 with the intent of making this baby the President in 2008.

But as David Dail writes in the Orange County Conservative Examiner:

“It’s not about citizenship, it’s about information the American people should have received before he was elected….

“Many of us believe Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, [but] what most of us want is for the man to release the long-form Certificate of Birth that he owes America. The White House can blame themselves for the wild conspiracy theories about his eligibility; they have continuously poured jet fuel on the fire.”

12:18 pm on December 28, 2010