CBS’s Hard-Hitting Interview With Obama

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I noticed that the Conservative blogs are making a big deal out of CBS’s ridiculous upcoming interview with Obama that features Harry Smith and Obama shooting hoops together. It’s idiotic, of course, but who’s heart isn’t warmed by watching two extremely wealthy east coast elites bond over a good game of b-ball?

It can only be matched in charm and elegance by a bunch of extremely wealthy east coast elites rapping with each other:

That’s Karl Rove, of course, dancing with hard-hitting Washington “journalist” David Gregory. As you can see, mainstream media journalists must have really hated the Bush administration. The fact that the correspondents for big media have this sort of relationship with high-ranking politicians should make amply clear the fact that it is simply silly to ever expect any kind of serious and critical analysis of the politicians that these reporters clearly consider to be respectable friends and colleagues.

9:29 pm on March 28, 2010