Calling All Of Freedom’s Friends to NY State

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Benjamin Wassell’s next date with “Hanover Town Court” is “at 2 p.m. on April 17.”

You’ll recall that Mr. Wassell is the first victim the People’s Democratic Republic of New York has persecuted under its anti-Constitutional SAFE Act. Let’s be sure that Mr. Wassell doesn’t confront the totalitarians all alone: make plans to attend this upcoming stage of his trial if at all possible — more for your sake than his. A crowd of supporters will no doubt encourage this beleaguered man and his family, but realize that you could be the next “example” Leviathan seeks to make as the beast attacks and destroys the Second Amendment’s defenders one by one. We must push back now, for liberty’s sake.

The heroic Kurt Hofmann offers an excellent summary of this kangaroo-case in today’s column. I appreciate his tactic of embarrassing New York’s rulers by emphasizing Mr. Wassell’s status as a wounded Marine — something those of you spreading the word about Mr. Wassell may want to stress as well: “If Wassell is convicted on all counts, this American hero faces seven years in prison, for victimless “crimes” such as selling guns with unauthorized handles (the feds don’t like that, either). Having almost died defending the American way of life, he would be denied it. That is beyond disgusting. That is intolerable.”

Yes, we disagree that imperial wars protect our way of life, but that is precisely what the State claims as it torments this man — so use its own words against it.

8:44 am on March 25, 2013