At Last! A Congresscriminal Tells the Truth!

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The morning is but a few hours old, and we already have a quote of the day. Rep. Francisco Canseco (R-TX) decried the absurdity of the “pain[ful]” sexual assault he endured from one of the TSA’s goons by asking, “What on earth is a U.S. congressman going to do on a plane? Pull out a gun and shoot everybody?”

Of course not. U.S. congressmen recruit other people’s children to pull out guns and shoot everybody.

Update: Kathy Latshaw admonishes me, “Don’t be too hard on the TSA goon. He obviously knew that his current squeeze was a CongressCreature, known to lack cojones where a kinder, gentler grope is the rule.  Honest mistake here.”

8:05 am on April 30, 2012