Are Roadblocks Next?

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Internal passports are one of the main threats to liberty. The central state, especially since 9/11, has been hungrily chomping away at the last morsels of liberty left by imposing a national ID on everywhere. Thankfully some states (Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Washington) are refusing to participate in this Orwellian scheme.

A friend writes: “I comply with almost all laws generally because I have to or I will go to jail. However, on this one, I’m really hesitant to comply, even considering the consequences. I’m sick and tired of being bullied around, and begin given ultimatums. I’ll at least try to postpone compliance with this for as long as humanly possible. Are we really to give up everything that we are in the name of terrorism protection? I say NO.”

Perhaps there are still enough freedom fighters to avoid REAL ID.

8:39 pm on January 12, 2008