A Pox on Polls From CBS

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The whores at the TSA and their pimps in the media have made much of a poll that claims 81% of Americans approve of their government’s ogling them.

Like everything else to do with the TSA, that assertion falls apart at the slightest examination. First, CBS sponsored the poll. Call me cynical, but given CBS’s fanaticism for the State, what else would we expect than support for government’s sexual assaults on and humiliation of taxpayers?

Second, CBS whitewashed the compulsory strip-tease: “Should Airports Use Full-Body X-Ray Machines”? You see the words “naked as a jay bird” or “birthday suit” anywhere in there? How about “carcinogenic” and “damaging to genes”? Ya think if CBS had been a bit more forthcoming, folks might have been a bit less accepting of the porno-scanners? Meanwhile, a few days ago when I chatted with two friends at church, neither knew anything about the porno-scanners — and one had returned earlier that day from Australia, passing through JFK. Had CBS asked them its question, they both would likely have said, “Sure, why not?”

Third, this follows the media’s usual pattern when it comes to the TSA. All summer, while the perverts were installing their gizmos at airports, the local media reported how the agency was “increasing passenger security” and “adding a new layer to its multi-layered approach to fighting terrorism.” Sprinkled through the stories would be quotes from passengers cheering this desecration of the Constitution. One might lodge a mild protest — “Hey, maybe it’s going a bit far, but I don’t know, it’s a new world out there since 9/11” — but the three or four others praised the TSA and pledged cooperation.

Intriguingly, the readers’ comments on the stories completely reversed that. Eighty percent damned the TSA; the few defending it often “worked” for it or another bureaucracy.

The TSA is unutterably evil. I can’t wait for tomorrow and the protests of decent folks to bring it to its knees! Go, rebels! Viva la Revolution!

7:16 pm on November 23, 2010