A Freedom that U.S. Soldiers Don’t Defend

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The right to life. I have thought a few times about how other countries could justify invading the United States like the United States justifies invading other countries. One justification they might use is that since the United States permits abortion, it would be just to conquer America to save innocent lives. A reader of my recent post on abortion in Israel puts into words what I have been thinking better than I could:

It’s fascinating that Israel and the US provide abortion on request yet most of the Muslim countries America has waged war with over the last couple of decades doesn’t permit it or it is highly restricted. Wouldn’t it be interesting if a “coalition of the willing” that included Afghanistan, Iran, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq and Pakistan (all restrict abortion in some way) decided to engage in a drone campaign to eliminate US abortion clinics? On humanitarian grounds of course.

Thanks to D.J.

N.B.: I really shouldn’t have to say this, but I don’t advocate any country invading the United States for any reason.

8:36 pm on January 8, 2014