You’re Going To Need a Bigger Boat: The Terrifying Moment a Kayaker Spots the Dorsal Fin of an Approaching 14ft Great White SHARK

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It was a horrific moment straight out of a Jaws film when a man in a kayak looked over his shoulder to see the tip of a shark’s fin emerging out of the water less than ten feet behind him.

Walter Szulc Jr’s first experience in a kayak was enough to deter even the bravest as his quiet maiden voyage in the one-man canoe resulted in him being stalked by one of the sea’s most dangerous predators.

Shocked beachgoers on Nauset Beach near Cape Cod were lining the beach screaming ‘shark, shark’ to attempt to warn him – but he failed to hear them.

Jaws: Walter Szulc Jr., left, is caught on camera the moment he looks back to discover the dorsal fin of a great white shark edging closer

The great white shark was estimated at 12-14ft and was seen less than 100ft out in the water when it appeared behind Mr Szulc.

Onlookers desperately tried to get his attention to get him back to the beach.

One witness said: ‘There were hundreds of people on the beach, and they were all at the edge, yelling paddle, paddle, paddle!’

Safely on dry land Mr Szulc said he had not heard the warnings and had no idea there was a shark behind him until he was close to shore.

The moment he turns around to see the shark’s fin closing up on him was caught by a bystander.

‘I looked behind me and that’s when I saw the shark, it was pretty much right there.

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