After Nicolas Cage and John Travolta… Here Are the OTHER Amazing Civil War Celebrity Doppelgangers

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First an eBay seller stepped forward to tell the world he had a photo from around 1870 of a man from Bristol, Tennessee, who looks exactly like 47-year-old actor Nicolas Cage.

Then it emerged another man was trying to sell a 1860s picture of a man who spookily looked like John Travolta.

Now it seems there are plenty of Hollywood stars who may just be reincarnations of characters from around the time of the Civil War.

A quick trawl through the fascinating Library of Congress unearthed no shortage of celebrity lookalikes.

Paul Newman had a glorious Hollywood career that began with occasional appearances on The Aldrich Family in 1949 and ended six decades later as the voice of Doc Hudson in the animated feature Cars.

He had a passion for food and created his own range of sauces and pizzas.

But in a former life did he also serve as a Union soldier fighting the Confederates at the Battle of Gettysburg.

Or was he a descendant of the bright-eyed warrior with the half-smile.

Matt McConaughey, star of movies such as How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days and Fool’s Gold, eerily has the same chiselled features of a Union officer.

We also found striking doppelgangers of Mississippi Burning star Gene Hackman and Jeremy Renner, of The Hurt Locker fame.

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