Why the Hell Would Anybody Want to Be Free?

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what I was going to call this post: Why the hell would anybody want
to be free?

Yes, the question
would have been rhetorical and no I don’t mean I’m thinking
of taking up communism or nihilism instead of the freedomquest.

But seriously.
You know from experience that being a freedomista often brings you
grief. You get the sorrow of watching your country go to hell. The
agony of knowing your children will have it worse than you do. You
have to put up with the sneers or uncomprehending stares of people
who don’t want to hear perfectly sensible ideas. You hear media
morons who know nothing about economics dismiss real money as “weird.”
You watch the Bill of Rights crumble to dust, day by day. You know
that the policeman is not your friend. That public servants are
cruel masters. You know so much that it hurts.

Your neighbors,
who fit in better than you, don’t know or don’t care.
And they’re happy.

So why the
hell would anybody want to be free? And by that I don’t mean,
“Why would anybody rather be free than live in a Soviet gulag?”
Or, “Why would anybody rather be free than to be tied up and
waterboarded by a neocon puppet?” That’s obvious.

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23, 2010

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