Big Green Lies Are Imploding

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As World War
Two wound down, in 1945 Italian partisans found Benito Mussolini
and his girlfriend trying to flee to Switzerland. They shot both
of them and then hung them by their heels in the Piazza Loreto in
Milan. He had led the National Fascist Party and had been the 40th
prime minister from 1922 until being deposed, jailed, and rescued
by his pal Adolf Hitler.

I was reminded
of this when I read a list of 1970 Earth Day predictions because,
sooner or later, lies implode and the liars must be held accountable.

“We have
about five more years at the outside to do something,” said
Kenneth Watt, an ecologist, when asked about global warming.

will end within 15 to 30 years unless immediate action is taken
against problems facing mankind,” said George Wald, a Harvard

“We are
in an environmental crisis which threatens the survival of this
nation, and of the world as a suitable place of human habitation,”
said Barry Commoner, a Washington University biologist.

will inevitably and completely outstrip whatever small increases
in food supplies we make. The death rate will increase until at
least 100–200 million people per year will be starving to death
during the next ten years,” predicted Paul Ehrlich, a Stanford
University biologist and author, none of whose predictions ever
came true.

It’s been
40 years since the first Earth Day.

This, of course,
brings us to the greatest serial liar of our era, former vice president
Al Gore, author of “Earth in the Balance,” the star of
Inconvenient Truth
, Nobel Prize winner, Oscar winner, and
surely worthy of being metaphorically hung by his heels for
general repudiation, disdain, and ignominy.

Steve Milloy
of and the GreenHellBlog,
reported that Al Gore told a conference call of supporters that
the battle to enact a Cap-and-Trade bill, imposing limits on so-called
greenhouse gases, and creating “carbon credits” to be
bought like medieval indulgences for the remission of sin, that
“The federal government has failed us.”

No, what failed
was the long, relentless and utterly mendacious campaign to convince
people that global warming was an actual event and a genuine threat
to the Earth. It never was because it was utter fiction. Well, the
part about massive increases in the Earth’s overall temperature
was. The Earth is 4.5 billion years old and has gone through a succession
of ice ages and warming periods since it began.

To demonstrate
how deranged Gore is, he actually blamed a “biased right-wing
media…bolstered by professional deniers.” There is The
Wall Street Journal and Fox News whose reporting reflects a
conservative philosophy and outlook, but the rest of the mainstream
media has been so demonstrably left-wing there was little
else available to the public until the advent of cable television
and the Internet. And they all lied about global warming.

In November
2009 the release of thousands of emails between the small band of
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change “scientists”
revealed they were a cabal of data fabricators who were by then
increasingly alarmed that global warming wasn’t happening
despite their best efforts to deceive the entire world. The event
was dubbed “Climategate.”

Now we learn
that a U.S. funded agency, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration (NOAA) has become mired in a new scandal involving
numbers for the Great Lakes region that misrepresent
average temperatures there
. The latest word as of Wednesday,
August 11, is that NOAA has removed an entire NOAA-16 satellite
data set from its website – leading some to wonder if a decade’s
worth of North American data will be discredited.

In sum, do
not trust NOAA and most definitely, do not trust the Environmental
Protection Agency that is desperately trying to get authorization
to regulate carbon dioxide on the grounds that it is causing global
warming. This isn’t just a rogue agency. The EPA has the look
of a criminal enterprise bent on destroying the U.S. economy.

There is NO
global warming and hasn’t been any for a decade as the Earth
has been cooling thanks to a predictable lack of sunspot activity
known to affect the overall planetary temperatures.

The Green lies
are imploding. In the midst of a very ugly recession, the nation’s
governors can do us all a favor by ending all funding to the various
“environmental” programs tied to the global-warming fraud.

The next Congress,
if power is transferred to the Republican Party, should begin to
trim the budget of billions of bogus “climate” and related
“environmental” related programs.

It’s time
to send the liars packing. It’s time to regain our fiscal and
environmental sanity.

13, 2010

Caruba founded The National Anxiety Center in 1990 where this series
is posted. An author, business and science writer, he blogs daily

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