Health Dangers Lurk in Thousands of Everyday Products

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and Xenoestrogens are chemicals in our environment and in our food
supply that have a hormone-like activity. There is mounting evidence
that exposure to these chemicals may be a significant cause of breast
cancer, the decline in male sperm production, testicular cancer,
prostate cancer and other serious health conditions.

Nearly all
xenobiotics are derived from a petroleum source. They are found
in literally thousands of products that we use everyday. These products
include plastics, microchips, medicines, foods, soaps, lotions,
clothing, pesticides, herbicides, cleansers, etc.

Our main source
of xenoestrogens in food is from animal fats, particularly red meat
and dairy products. Cattle and chicken are given estrogenic substances
to make them gain weight. Additionally, they are exposed to xenobiotic
chemicals through their food supply that has been grown with chemical
fertilizers and pesticides. Anyone who eats meat and dairy products
from traditional commercial sources is exposed to these compounds.

The danger
in these xenobiotics and xenoestrogens is that they mimic our natural
hormones. Because of their close resemblance to natural hormones,
the cells accept these hormone-like molecules. However, because
these chemicals are not our natural hormones, the cells get either
a contaminated message or no message at all. If even one atom is
missing from a hormone molecule, the cells’ messages will be
incorrect causing cells to malfunction.

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17, 2010

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