The Calorie Conqueror: Herbal Pill 'Can Cut Your Appetite By a Fifth ... and Even Cure a Sweet Tooth'

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It could be
the answer to your weight loss prayers – and there is no punishing
exercise regime required.

Women can cut
their daily calorie intake by almost a fifth if they simply take
a herbal diet pill, research reveals today.

The supplement
has also been shown to help those with a sweet tooth – reducing
the temptation to indulge in sugary snacks.

Zotrim, which
is based on three South American plants and is freely available
from supermarkets and chemists, was tested by scientists at the
University of Liverpool.

They found
that women who took the pill with their breakfast had a much lower
appetite at lunch time – cutting their calorie intake by 17.6 per

Of 58 volunteers
who were given either Zotrim or a dummy pill in the morning, those
on the herbal supplement only picked at their afternoon meal.

The subjects,
some of whom were overweight, were observed at a test lunch buffet
where they were told to eat as much they wanted.

Those on Zotrim
ate on average 132 fewer calories – the equivalent of a Milky Way
or can of cola.

If the effects
were replicated throughout the day, the pill would cut a dieter’s
daily count by 400 or 500 calories, equivalent to two bars of chocolate
or a kebab.

Zotrim is designed
to make the user feel fuller for longer. But it also appears to
take the edge off a sweet tooth, cutting the women’s selection of
biscuits and chocolate mousse from the buffet by 27 per cent.

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29, 2010

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