Should the US Colonize and Militarize Haiti?

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by Ron Paul: Why
the Fed Likes Independence

Before the
House of Representatives, January 21, 2010, Statement in Opposition
to H Res 1021, Condolences to Haiti.

I rise in reluctant
opposition to this resolution. Certainly I am moved by the horrific
destruction in Haiti and would without hesitation express condolences
to those who have suffered and continue to suffer. As a medical
doctor, I have through my career worked to alleviate the pain and
suffering of others.

however, this resolution does not simply express our condolences,
but rather it commits the US government “to begin the reconstruction
of Haiti” and affirms that “the recovery and long-term
needs of Haiti will require a sustained commitment by the United
States….” I do not believe that a resolution expressing
our deep regret and sorrow over this tragedy should be used to commit
the United States to a “long-term” occupation of Haiti
during which time the US government will provide for the reconstruction
of that country.

I am concerned
over the possibility of an open-ended US military occupation of
Haiti and this legislation does nothing to alleviate my concerns.
On the contrary, when this resolution refers to the need for a long-term
US plan for Haiti, I see a return to the failed attempts by the
Clinton and Bush Administrations to establish Haiti as an American
protectorate. Already we are seeing many argue that this kind of
humanitarian mission is a perfect fit for the US military. I do
not agree.

Certainly I
would support and encourage the efforts of the American people to
help the people of Haiti at this tragic time. I believe that the
American people are very generous on their own and fear that a US
government commitment to reconstruct Haiti may actually discourage
private contributions. Mr. Speaker, already we see private US citizens
and corporations raising millions of dollars for relief and reconstruction
of Haiti. I do not believe the US government should get in the way
of these laudable efforts. I do express my condolences but I unfortunately
must urge my colleagues to vote against this resolution committing
the United States government to rebuild Haiti.

the Ron Paul File

22, 2010

Dr. Ron
Paul is a Republican member of Congress from Texas.

Best of Ron Paul

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