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The federal
government is ignoring what very well may be the next "true"
pandemic this country may face. The dairy industry is the carrier
of the disease and the USDA and FDA are fully aware of the impending
disaster but will take no action to prevent exposure to the population.
The name of the disease is Johne's (pronounced "Yo-nees").

What is this
impending disease and why should this concern us? Johne's disease
is a chronic, contagious bacterial disease that affects the small
intestine of ruminants such as cattle, sheep, goats, deer, antelope
and bison. All ruminants are susceptible to Johne's
. The disease is incurable and related to the human version
of Crohn's disease. The human version is similar in its form causing
an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). It can lead to abdominal pain,
severe diarrhea and malnutrition. There is no known cause for either

How is the
US Government complicit in the possible spread of this disease one
may ask? The USDA and FDA are completely aware of the condition
in the dairy industry. They are also aware of the relation between
the bovine infestation and its ability to transmit to humans. The
solution the government has chosen is not eradication of the infected
herds but irradiation of milk products. The argument for irradiation
is the premise that irradiating the milk will kill the infection.
The infection lives in the fecal matter and irradiation does not
remove the fecal matter from the milk. It is still present in every
glass someone drinks from a production farm. If someone handed you
a spoon of irradiated manure and told you it was safe to eat I doubt
one would take a bite. Why do we accept this in our milk? The government
accepts this level of contamination in milk and has no intention
of intervening.

Many will
question how wide-spread the contamination is in the dairy industry
and does this really need to be a concern. In the U.S. it is estimated
that 7.8% of the beef herds and 22% of the dairy herds are infected
with M. paratuberculosis.
Infection rates in cattle in other countries are generally similar.
This is a low estimate by some accounts. The problem in the dairy
industry is not simply how many cattle have the disease. Even if
it one agrees the infection rate is only 22% the problem is greater
than it appears. The milk from the infected 22% is mixed in the
same container as the uninfected cattle. Outcome, 100% of the milk
is infected at this stage and irradiation is the accepted remedy.
My original question remains, care for a spoon of manure? The government
tells us it is safe.

The dairy
industry continues to milk the infected dairy cattle and has no
motivation to stop. Why? The government regulations do not prohibit
them from using these cattle until they die from the disease. It
is financially in their interest to keep these cattle rather than
culling and replacing the herd. Remember, there is no cure. The
only way to eliminate the disease from a herd is elimination of
all infected cattle and equipment. The disease lives in the manure
and any equipment it contacts becomes contaminated and a carrier.

The element
of our society who should be the impetus to stop this infection
is absent. The press is not concerned because it does not fit in
their agenda. They should be at the forefront of identifying this
impending crisis and highlighting it to the populace. The problem
is they no longer do investigative reporting. The press has become
complacent and waits for the government to hand them "news"
stories. No wonder they are failing, people do not trust them any
longer and for good reason. If they attacked this story they would
go up against large conglomerates, the federal government, including
the senators and representatives who have interests in their districts
to keep the current system in place.

I am a free
market advocate who believes in minimal government. The free market
would correct itself because consumers would demand a change to
operation procedure. The problem is the failure of the press to
highlight the contamination of our milk supply. They will not do
this while they are lapdogs of a burgeoning federal government.
This is why the founders warned against such a strong central government.
We are now bound to them as an agent to protect the food supply
and they no longer care. They are more concerned with creating a
larger, more centralized government in their zeal to control our

What can you
do about this problem? The federal government will not help you.
Stop buying milk from any supplier who does not certify their milk
as contamination free. If you can raise a cow or goat, than do so
to protect your family. Choose an alternative to dairy if possible,
soy milk or some other product. The federal government will tell
us there is no known connection between the dairy and human version.
How much do you trust the government? Go on; take a bite of that

9, 2010

Parham [send him mail]
is a retired US Army Sergeant Major. He has an MBA and is a Project
Management Professional. Read his blog at
He and his family live in the southwest, where they strive for self-sufficiency.

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