Who Is Left Holding the Bag on US Debt?

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Who Is Left Holding the Bag on US Debt? Answer: Everybody

by Bill Sardi

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Federal Reserve + intra-governmental holdings $4.785 trillion Mutual funds $769.1 billion China (additional $99.8 billion from Hong Kong) $776.4 billion Japan $711.8 billion Other investors $629.7 billion State and local governments $516.9—$550.3 billion Pension funds $456.4 billion United Kingdom $214 billion Oil exporters $191 billion Caribbean banking centers $189.7 billion Brazil $126—$158 billion Insurance companies $126.4 billion Russia $119.9 billion Depository Institutions $107.3 billion Luxembourg $104.2 billion


Bill Sardi [send him mail] is a frequent writer on health and political topics. His health writings can be found at www.naturalhealthlibrarian.com. He is the author of You Don’t Have To Be Afraid Of Cancer Anymore.

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