Don't Wash Your Hair Save Money and Look Better

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Harry hasn’t washed his hair for two years? Eeuw! Or is he just
cleverer than the rest of us, with the perfect, credit-crunch, no-care
hair-care solution?

It sounds revolting,
and he’s not the only famous name who’s doing it, judging by recent
pictures of Alice Dellal, Alexa Chung and the Geldof girls, who
all look like they could do with a good wash and blow-dry. But skipping
the shampoo isn’t necessarily such a bad thing.

the oil we secrete to lubricate our hair, is anti-viral and cleansing,"
says Kensington hair maestro Valentino, who has had phases of not
washing his hair for years on end (at the moment, he washes it around
once every six weeks).

you wash your hair, you upset the natural pH [acid/alkaline balance]
of the scalp and that has a knock-on effect on the whole body."

you need to do is invigorate the hair follicles by massaging the
scalp, then brush the hair to distribute the sebum and rinse it
in the shower to remove any dirt."

Ah yes, rinsing.
Saying you haven’t washed your hair for two years isn’t saying that
it hasn’t seen a drop of water for all that time.

If you can
tough out the initial adjustment phase of not using shampoo, your
hair will find some sort of equilibrium, but the transition may
not be pleasant.

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20, 2009

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