Modern Survival Philosophy

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thought is was a good idea to add a page on the site about the core
philosophy I have about being survival minded and modern survivalism.
My hope is that individuals from those areas will enjoy this site
but that the “average Joe” and the “average Jane”
will also get a great deal from my site and podcast as well.

The core of my philosophy about being prepared, life style planning,
self sufficiency and energy independence can be summed up with in
the following 10 core values…

  1. Everything you do to “prepare” for emergencies,
    disasters or economic turmoil should be blended into your life
    in a way that improves your life even if nothing disastrous
    ever occurs.

  2. Debt is financial cancer! Minimize it, pay it off early and
    stay away from credit cards.

  3. Growing your own food is for everyone not just people that
    want “organic” fruit and vegetables. To produce your
    own food, even as little as 10% of what you use reduces your
    dependence on “the system”. If nothing else gardening
    is good for your emotional and physical health and increases
    the value of any property.

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1, 2009

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