It Is Good for One To Be Free

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of a speech by Charles Goyette at the Ron Paul Revolution March,
Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C., July 12, 2008

It is
good for one to be free, and we would cherish liberty even if
she traveled alone, but she does not. Because Prosperity and Peace
are both the companions of Liberty.

on the other hand, the spirit of destruction, is the destroyer
of Prosperity and Liberty. Should any wonder, then, that Americans
are losing both their freedom and their well-being?

We gather
together as the vanguard of a movement to reclaim our Liberty,
Peace, and Prosperity. And we come here to Washington to be seen
in a place the world watches.

surrounded by the monuments that evoke a dim recollection of our
beginnings, of the time our founding generation was aflame with
love of Liberty. One can almost still hear the now soft whisper
of their words that set our American freedom in motion:

hold these truths to be self evident…"

liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…"

their just powers from the consent of the governed."

are the words that gave life to our ideals; that set free a nation;
that inspired mankind.

the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity."

pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor."

But there
is more to be seen in this government city than the monuments
of our noble past. For here, too, are the halls of the power-seekers,
the vote buyers and the permanent government made up of both Republicans
and Democrats that perpetuates itself with welfare and warfare.
These are the mausoleums of waste and bankruptcy.

You marched
passed such a monument, the 1.6 million square feet of the Department
of Energy building on Independence Avenue. Look back here on your
right, and think back to the roots of the present oil shock. When
we spoke, during the lead-up to Bush's elective war, about the
fear premium this adventure would put on the price of oil, about
the massive transfer of wealth from the American people to the
governments of Vladimir Putin and Hugo Chavez, and to the petroleum
sultans, sheiks, shahs, we received a two word answer: "NEVER

And when
we talked about the years of saber rattling and the certainty
of oil breaking $100, the two wings of the Washington Party answered
in one voice: "SHUT UP," they explained.

Now while
you dig in your front pocket to pay $4 a gallon or more to be
here today, the Department of Energy you passed on your march
from the Washington monument is taking 25 billion dollars a year
from your back pocket. And what does it do with your billions?
Does it explore the remote and dangerous corners of the earth
and discover any oil? Does it take enormous risks and suffer substantial
losses to locate energy? Recover it, refine it, transport it to
your neighborhood? Just how much gas does it put in your tank
for its 25 billion dollars? Not a drop!

Now John
McCain wants to give you a gas tax break for your summer driving,
a few cents a gallon to buy your votes with your own money in
November. But in the meantime, he crosses the country, back and
forth and to and fro, beating his chest for another NeoCon war
that will send oil to 400 or 500 dollars per barrel. He'll have
you paying $15 dollars a gallon at the Superpumper… if they have
any gas to sell… But you'll save pennies a gallon this summer.

is the flim flammery we got from George Bush, who bought his popularity
with tax rebate checks of a couple hundred dollars each. How cheaply
the people sold their affection. And how many times over we have
paid at the pump and at the grocery store, and in the value of
our savings, with the Bush dollar that has lost at least 40 per
cent of its buying power since the checks were put in the mail.
Not to mention that the money to cash those checks had to be borrowed
from overseas, so that your little children can be debt slaves
to the Chinese when they grow up!

note of the overseers of this destruction of the dollar, as you
pass the Federal Reserve Building on your way back home. It is
a temple befitting the gods of antiquity. There sit the enablers
of the wars of empire, for without them those wars would not be
waged. Right down there, ironically enough, on Constitution Avenue.

about us are the palaces of the permanent party in Washington,
the whited sepulchers of waste: they've destroyed the dollar and
lied to you about caring for the retirement money you've sent
their way over a lifetime. It is squandered. It's gone.

are the halls and the homes and the haunts of the foreign meddlers,
of foreign aid and foreign wars.

At last
count, the Pentagon had over 700 bases in 130 countries. 1.4 million
people on active duty; another 1.4 million in reserve capacities.
Military spending of 1 trillion a year! Just the Department of
Defense Budget of 623 billion dollars is more than all the rest
of the world's war spending combined! And Barack Obama wants to
increase the military.

the Bush years we have invaded two countries; gave a silent wink
and a nod for the invasion of a third. And now we are on the brink
of a yet another NeoCon war, a new war without authorization from
the people's representatives. "I haven't made up my mind,"
Bush said on the eve of the Iraq War. As though in America, the
people no longer rule? Does the Constitution say anything about
a "decidifyer" who gets to "decidify" these
things? It is time to say "No More!" The president
consults with foreign heads of state about future American wars,
but has he consulted you? This President is spending $400 million
to foment war with Iran. Did your congressman tell you in a newsletter,
in a townhall, perhaps in the neighborhood, the grocery store?
In church? It is time to say "No More!"

The permanent
party in the palaces of power, and the halls of waste, is out
of control. It is as though the household staff is in mutiny.
They are peeping toms, illegally spying ever more brazenly on
their masters; they waste the household’s wealth and savings.
They know no boundaries, but run roughshod hither and yon, alarming
the neighbors. The downstairs servants are stealing the silverware
and the upstairs help doesn't report it because they share in
the plunder. It's time for the people to turn them all out. Not
to replace them with more of the same, but to send them all packing.
The people must reclaim management of their own affairs: We must
take charge again of our lives: of our money and medicine and
education. We must reclaim our Liberty, our peace and prosperity.

means no more foreign wars, no more central banks to finance those
wars, no more central planners, no more bailouts and billions
for the bankers. No more worthless, irredeemable paper money,
no more foreign aid, no more foreign wars. No more telling the
people how to live, or looting us with lies about trust funds
that don't exist. No more stealing oil, which is cheaper to buy
anyway, no more indebting our children with trillions borrowed
overseas, no more telling our elderly where they can and cannot
buy their medicine, and what the can and cannot do to relieve
their pain.

No more.
No more. No more. That is lesson from their failures. "No
more." That is the message to take back home today. "It
is time to say no more!"

Join me.
And spread this Revolution in every city and state in America
by saying: "No More!"

In every
town and village in the land we will shout: "No More!"

On every
avenue, street, and cul de sac, free people together with one
voice: "No More!"

And finally,
a word to acknowledged our great debt to and gratitude for Ron
Paul! For his long hard fight, for the years in Washington he
was marginalized and ignored, for all the times he was the lone
vote in Congress, even while the leaders of the Permanent Party
were laughing at the Constitution and calling it an anachronism.
For not taking taxpayer paid junkets or spending every office
dime he could grab, and for not helping himself to the Congressional
pension plan. For his integrity, decade after decade, in public
life. For his uncommon respect for and knowledge of the Constitution;
for a grasp of economics that could have prevented the deluge
that approaches now, and that could see us through it and back
on the road to prosperity in short order, if only the people had
understood. But most especially for his civility, his tirelessness,
and the inspiration he has been to us all here and millions of
others with us today in spirit, who, like us, love Liberty, and
want to restore her and her companions, Peace and Prosperity!

God bless
Ron Paul! God bless you! And God bless our Liberty!

17, 2008

Charles Goyette [send
him mail
] is the morning talk show host on Talk Radio 1100
KFNX in Phoenix, AZ.

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