Empires Foreign — Empires Domestic

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Mohandas Gandhi Versus Moral Servility

When Mahatma Gandhi was born, British rule had been well established in India. After the uprising of 1857 had been dealt with, the British managed to turn the course of events in the country, and consolidate it into an empire.

India had so effectively passed under British tutelage, that instead of resenting alien rule, the generation of educated Indians were eager to submit to the "civilizing mission" of their foreign masters.

Political subjection had been reinforced by intellectual and moral servility. It seemed then that the British Empire in India was safe for centuries.

When Gandhiji died, it was India, a free nation that mourned his loss. The disinherited had recovered their heritage and the "dumb millions" had found their voice. The disarmed had won a great battle, and had in the process evolved a moral force such as to compel the attention, and to some degree, the admiration of the world.

The story of this miracle is also the story of Gandhiji’s life, for he more than any other, was the architect of this miracle. [Vinish Gupta at Society for Integrated Development of Himalya is gratefully acknowledged for these historical insights.]

Industrialized Corporate Warfare Versus Planet Earth — Which Shall Prevail?

… Are we looking now at the beginning of the end, or are we now reaching the end of the beginning of an epochal moral struggle? Keep in mind the historical words above: political subjection had been reinforced by intellectual and moral servility.

Ask some questions:

  • Has not the Money Power — acting through the Central Banks and the State, and employing lies, deceit, propaganda and war as from time to time currently expedient — subjugated the American people politically?
  • I mean, are we not subjugated when our "votes" are employed as "political capital" to propagate genocidal global warfare and massive ecological destruction that are opposed by a clear majority of the public?
  • Any well-informed person knows by now that the "democracy" voting game is a rigged corporate sham. To say nothing of the moral flaw of majority rule and anonymous so-called "representative" government at its foundation.
  • Has this political subjection not been reinforced by intellectual and moral servility?
  • Has the Money Power not constructed an entrenched Domestic Empire with virtually the same grip of authoritarian control — (think surveillance systems; IRS-BATF thugs; war on drugs SWAT; Janet Reno’s scorched earth at Waco, Texas; biometric scans; suspension of habeas corpus — on and on) — as the British control over colonial India? I dare say that the average Indian had more freedom under the British than the average American has under the Cheney-Bush-DOD-CIA-FBI-Homeland Security Complex.
  • Are we a morally and intellectually servile people?
  • Or, are we somehow reaching the end of the beginning of the age-old struggle for universal freedom of humanity?
  • This time around, there is no Gandhi, no Mohammed, no Christ, no Moses, no Buddha, to help us.
  • The enemy — or the friend — of life — is us.

May you live long, live free, and walk in beauty.

Jeff Knaebel [send him mail] is an expatriate American domiciled in India since 1995. He formerly practiced as a registered professional engineer, having been trained at Cornell Univ. and the Colorado School of Mines. Visit his website.

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