We Don't Harm Nature, Nature Harm Us

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I recently
came across an advertisement with a big picture of a polar bear
and a penguin off some paradise shore with a long, nice beach and
palm trees in the background. The text said something like "are
you afraid of what's happening to the environment? Us too, buy our
products and it will all get better." I don't blame companies
for trying to sell their products, but all this global warming talk
makes me nervous.

No, I'm not
nervous because humankind is beating up the environment causing
our own destruction. That, I am sure, is not really true. I am nervous
because all this talk of nature, and this planet for that matter,
means two things: first, that people are ignorant and gullible,
and second, that technology-hating progress-wanna-stopper environmentalists
will get even more influential.

That people
are ignorant and gullible is perhaps no news, but that a lie can
so firmly get rooted among people all over the world as this greenhouse
effect thing is certainly terrifying. Everybody "knows"
something very bad is going on and that it is the market's and the
corporations' fault. The newspapers and TV and radio stations are
packed with reports of yet another "natural disaster"
and journalists never seem to miss the opportunity to make it seem
more government is needed to fix it all. The global and domestic
markets are way too free of government intervention, they say.

Of course all
the ignorants out there eventually will believe this massive propaganda.
People in general like to be fed with information rather than get
off their butts and try to find it themselves (a single Google search
would lead them to the unbiased facts on Marshall.org).
It does not really matter what the united media and politics front
claims when they do it so persistently and on a global scale; as
we know, you just have to repeat one lie over and over again to
make people believe it is true. It is the same whether corporations
are said to cause a global meltdown of nature or saying the earth
is flat and the center of the universe.

Sooner or later
someone will, by mistake or not, find the truth and be brave and
strong enough to claim everybody's wrong even though he or she will
be persecuted. Like Copernicus and Galileo claimed everybody was
wrong about the world and the universe. It is impossible to know
who will be the one who finally makes the big crack in the wall
of lies, but someone will. Sooner or later.

The problem
comes with the thing that makes me nervous: the environmentalists.
These people seem to have a Rousseauean "noble savage"
ideal and want us all to live in the jungle like apes. At least,
they are doing whatever they can to stop everything that is civilized
and increase everything that is not. They seem to want to abolish
technology, science, and everything about the economy, but they
really, really want to increase the size of government and they
would probably not hesitate to use it to force urban people into
body labor at some distant farm or preserve somewhere.

When you combine
the two, the gullible and truth-avoiding masses with the increasing
influence of anti-civilizationists, you make me real nervous.

It should be
no surprise statists in general welcome the judgment day prophesies
of the environmentalists. Even if they do not share the same end
goal, they do have a common interest in increasing the size of government.
And if lying is all it takes to realize that, then why the hell

But I fail
to realize how they could ever get this far, even though power seems
to be an enormous incentive for people to actually do something.
It is easy to understand that they can just continue to play their
game now when the ball is already in play. But it takes a lot of
skill to get it rolling in the first place. How do they do it? In
spite of everything, all the facts show the exact opposite of what
these people say.

These guys
are real pros. Based on data collected only for the last one hundred
years (collection of climate data began in the early 20th
century), out of earth's total estimated lifetime of five billion
or so years, the environmentalists claim everything we know and
hold dear is going down the drain. And they can do it pretty much
unquestioned too. They must be doing something right or they have
hired the world's very best communication experts to work 24/7 on
creating this mass hysteria.

After all,
the findings in the old ice buried deep down on the poles show the
climate is always changing and that throughout history the temperature
has been frequently bouncing up and down. There's a reason the Vikings
called that big island northeast of Canada "Greenland"
when they discovered it in the 9th century, don't you

The truth,
it seems, is that we have not screwed nature even though we are
not always as loving and caring as we perhaps should be. We've been
screwed by environmentalists.

25, 2006

Per Bylund [send him mail]
works as a business consultant in Sweden, in preparation for PhD
studies. He is the founder of Anarchism.net.
Visit his website.

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