Warmongers on Iran Being Cut Off at the Knees

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After only 13 days, Iran invited international inspectors to several of its always-legitimate nuclear sites, including Arak. Fast-moving developments like these are cutting the warmongers’ belligerent rhetoric of war off at the knees. But they will replace war with other targets of suspicion.

I think that the detente with Iran and Iran’s drive to normalize its place in the region and the world, not just on the nuclear issue but in all ways including economic and military, is going to continue and increase even more. Iran wants its normal place in the world in all spheres, not only the narrow nuclear issue. It wants to develop and sell its oil. It wants fracking technology. As this economic strengthening occurs and as Iran grows stronger and that includes its conventional military, I do not expect the suspicions and hostility of the warmongers to abate. I expect their rhetoric to change in content and even intensify. Instead of raising fears about Iran as a nuclear power, it will raise suspicions and fears of Iran’s strength and intentions. The warmongers will seek to create a Cold War with Iran.

Over the longer run, Iran can defuse such sentiments and divide its opposition by pursuing peaceful actions. That depends on its own domestic politics and those of its neighbors who are hostile toward it.

6:01 am on November 29, 2013