Walter Block: Differentiating Between Right & Wrong

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By Luis Rivera III

The difference between capitalism and crony capitalism. The difference between the radical and moderate libertarians. The “unintended consequences” of government intervention. Unions and how Obama amplifies the damage unions create. The market has success and failures and failures make way for better alternatives for consumers says Block. Is the government effective in predicting what business will prevail and which will fail? How does it compare to Wall Street in this regard? Bailing out businesses is not necessarily immoral – it’s immoral that they are being bailed out with other people’s money whom did not consent to such a venture! Historical hyperinflation examples. How does an economy grow? Block explains. Government middle-men. Keynes are his views on economics. The minimum wage law and two analogies one right and one wrong. Watch the entire clip below!

Walter Block: Markets > Government

9:40 pm on July 5, 2014