The Worldwide Evil Empire

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Did you know that our taxes pay for an “Office of Global Strategies” at the TSA? Neither did I. Ponder the utter wickedness, arrogance and totalitarianism of said “office.” Where exactly does the Constitution authorize a “global” anything for the federal sewer?

Meanwhile, Victoria Reeder from that “office” recently enjoyed a junket to the Bahamas at our expense. After Bahamian pols and bureaucrats kissed her butt a while, she and various other Amerikan bureaucrats connived with those tinhorns to “engage in co-operation activities in the area of civil aviation, establishing, among other things, screening standards, comparable to those implemented in airports in the USA, for both passengers and checked baggage departing Bahamian Pre-clearance airports bound for the United States.”

Translated from the Jargon, that means that the Bahamas will now enable thieves and perverts to sexually assault passengers while robbing them.

6:06 am on July 29, 2013