The War on Personal Responsibility

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As I have maintained in my many articles on the war on freedom known as the war on drugs, this is also a war on personal responsibility. The case of Philip Seymour Hoffman is a perfect example. I have read in several places that the man who sold Hoffman the drugs should be found and prosecuted. This is ludicrous. Hoffman was successful, famous, and rich–things that many Americans would kill for. Yet, his personal demons were greater than these things. He is the one responsible for his death and his children now being without a father.

For the record, I have rented some of his movies on DVD and thought he was very talented. I liked the guy. But he was still a drug addict who paid the ultimate price for his addiction. And by the way, the war on drugs sure kept Hoffman from buying and using drugs, didn’t it?

8:09 am on February 4, 2014