Reality vs. Blumenthal’s Grandstanding

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This is verbatim an e-mail from a part time UPS worker.

“I am a homeschooling mother of 5 with an unemployed husband. We are on food stamps and qualify for TANF. In an attempt to get off the welfare track Senator Blumenthal wants me to be permanently on so he can be honored for helping the needy, I chose to become a drivers helper for seasonal delivery with UPS to get some money into our household to pay bills. I worked long days and even worked on Christmas Eve personally delivering hundreds of packages a day. I am currently lying at home with my legs elevated due to a knee injury while delivering packages. I am not the only UPS personnel who has gotten injured and I am not the only UPS worker that worked on Christmas Eve so that people, even the wealthy ones like Senator Blumenthal, can stay home on Christmas Eve. Maybe Senator Blumenthal can mention that many of the packages UPS has been delivering were actually mailed by the United State Postal Service, but rerouted to UPS making our load a record for the 106 years of UPS. Will the Government fed United States Postal Service give refunds for unkept promises? Will Senator Blumenthal provide refunds out of his paycheck to the taxpayers for unkept promises? By the way, UPS workers are some of the hardest and most dedicated workers I have met in my life.”

7:58 pm on December 26, 2013