re: Mark Levin (“The Grate One”) and Those “Liberty Amendments”

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You’re absolutely right, Laurence, the federal government no longer pays any attention whatsoever to constitutional limits on its powers, and only a fool or a deceiver thinks or says new amendments will somehow be magically enforced.  The fatal flaw in all such talk is the acceptance of the idea that the federal government itself, through its “supreme” court, should be the sole decision maker in matters of constitutionality.  Lincoln’s war created this type of regime, which the Jeffersonians had long warned would lead to the tyranny of an unlimited state.  To oppose this position, however, is to oppose Lincoln and the whole idea of a centralized, bureaucratic, imperialistic regime.  One cannot be a highly-paid neocon talk radio host if one chooses to do that.

Mark Levin is a phony constitutionalist.  He championed the PATRIOT Act, writing in his previous book that “evidence of widespread civil liberties abuses against American citizens” under that law is “nonexistent.”  And he denounced the man who blew the whistle on these jaw-dropping civil liberties abuses of American citizens, Edward Snowden, as a “traitor.” He has also mocked and ridiculed America’s real champion of constitutional liberty, Ron Paul, by calling him “Ru Paul” on his radio show.  (Ru Paul is a bizarre, blabbering cross dresser who can be spotted on cable TV).

6:29 am on November 6, 2013