• Free Appetizer for All Veterans

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    “Free appetizer for all Veterans” says the subject line in the e-mail I just got from Carrabbas restaurant. From Nov. 9-11 all veterans (and active duty) can receive a free appetizer by showing an ID or being in uniform. I can just imagine the worship that those in uniform will receive from the staff and the customers when they walk in to Carrabbas. I will stay home those nights. I see also that Golden Corral restaurant is honoring “heroes past and present” with a military appreciation thank you dinner on Veterans Day.

    Now, lest I be misunderstood, as a believer in freedom and the free market, I believe that restaurants can offer free or discounted meals to whomever they choose: veterans, blacks, whites, Jews, gays, atheists, Christians, etc. But that doesn’t change the fact that this sickening military idolatry grows every Veterans Day. I guess that soon us regular folks that did not “serve” will be able to file discrimination lawsuits against businesses for bypassing us.


    6:15 pm on November 5, 2013