Political Correctness and the New Lone Ranger Movie

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I ran across these brief comments about the new Lone Ranger movie. These are not from a politically oriented web site. Far from it. I reproduce them here because they have a bearing on certain themes that have been aired on LRC. Furthermore, I happened to have watched the original Enter the Lone Ranger not long ago and it really comes across as summarized in this person’s words.

“The Lone Ranger was originally a children’s program. It was designed to inspire a moral compass in youngsters, and to give them role models to look up to. The white Ranger and the Indian are friends; they are decent, civil, they work together, they help each other out. They get along. There is no sarcasm or pettiness or meanness in them. Most importantly, they always do the right thing. There’s still magic in that simplicity.

“This new remake is not just a bad film, it’s a sub-par bad film. Political correctness subverts the DNA and tortures the characters. The Lone Ranger is racist, ignorant, vulgar, callous who has to be taught how to be a nicer, better man. This has been an agenda at the studios for some years now — deconstruct the male into an asshole and then put him back together again into a pussywhipped version. The film subordinates the Lone Ranger to Tonto who is the real star of the film. Watching Depp’s version of Tonto is like watching a drag queen. No matter what film he’s in, I can’t stand looking at him anymore.

“The film is really offensive.”

4:42 pm on May 5, 2014