News That Amazes Me

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Today and every day, there is news that amazes me. It doesn’t amaze me compared with what I expect of today’s crazy America or of the American Empire. It amazes me compared with what I used to expect some years back, when America was sane and a bit less expansive and militaristic than now. My mind is in the present but it’s also in the past America that I remember, grew up in and lived in. I won’t link to each item. They are all here. And I won’t give details.

Item #1. A woman gets shot and killed by police near the White House. She’s unarmed and there’s a baby in the car. The police had her stopped at one point. The whole area is barricaded. The behavior of the police is crazy. The barricades are crazy. You used to walk up to the gate and look across the lawn to the White House, or drive through the area unimpeded.

Item #2. In New York, there is a tragic incident involving a driver and bikers. It turns out that two [now upped to three] of the bikers are undercover police. Crazy.

Item #3. Near Damascus, the CIA is openly running a training program for Syrian rebels. This amazes me because there is no detectable outcry, and no war has been declared by Congress or even emperor obama. In fact, he may even have said he’s staying out of the war. The whole thing is amazing.

Item #4. U.S. Delta Force made a raid in Libya. This brought back my amazement at the whole Libya War in which the U.N. provided cover for the U.S. to lead foreign military intervention into Libya. After Bush’s blunder in attacking Iraq, one would have thought that obama might have thought twice about attacking Libya, with all the potential ramifications for other African countries. This decision amazed me. obama’s foreign policy constantly amazes me by its utter stupidity.

Item #5. U.S. SEALs made a raid in Somalia. This served to remind me of the U.S. involvement in a slew of African countries. This is all amazing and crazy. The U.S. government cannot even govern this country and yet it’s busy all over the world attempting impossible missions.

Item #6. Two young men in Georgia are arrested because they had forbidden equipment in their automobiles at school. One had a pocket knife, and another had fishing gear and knives. In Georgia, they face expulsion from school, 2-10 years in prison, and a big fine. Totally crazy. All such matters under the rubric of political correctness are crazy and amaze me.

As I said, none of this is surprising in the present as this is what states, empires and police states do. They flout their own laws. They pass inane laws. They over-regulate. They act according to the whims and limited intelligence of those in power. They cater to special interests and lobbies.

It surprises that part of me that’s still living in the past when I was blithely unaware of the state’s craziness and hanky-panky of those earlier times. My little world was largely insulated from such matters, until it came time for me to be drafted. The awakening began right then and there.

11:05 am on October 7, 2013