From Fascism to (Another Kind of) Socialism

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Today is the last day for New York City’s fascist mayor.  Tomorrow he turns over the keys to his City Hall office to a proud socialist and former cheerleader for the Nicaraguan communists, Bill de Blasio.  He says he wants to use the coercive powers of local government to “redistribute income.”  (But his first priority, he says, is to ban horse-drawn carriages in Central Park).  Socialist states like Maryland tried that with special “millionaire taxes” and found that, lo and behold, millionaires have the ability to move to another state (or country)!  Tax revenues from “the wealthy” in Maryland nosedived.  This is one reason why socialists of all stripes have always been advocates of centralized, monopoly government and mortal enemies of federalism, states’ rights, decentralization, secession, and nullification.  Socialism = slavery.   Millions of New Yorkers have apparently lost their marbles–if they had any in the first place.


3:07 pm on December 31, 2013