Jane Fonda, Michelle Obama, and “Economic Democracy”

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Perhaps the always resourceful Justin Raimondo has shown us the real reason why “political savvy” actress and fitness guru Jane Fonda is a role model for First Lady Michelle Obama.

Fonda, before she married corporatist billionaire CNN Founder Ted Turner (and while still married to SDS Founding Father and Port Huron Statement author Tom Hayden), was instrumental in a massive well-funded, agitprop effort in California called the Campaign for Economic Democracy. “Economic Democracy” was the syrupy-sweet code name for “socialism.”

The case for disavowing the socialist label is forcefully made by one-time CED theoretician Derek Shearer, author of Economic Democracy and Hayden’s next door neighbor in what has become a stronghold of “economic democracy”- Santa Monica, California. Shearer, writing in In These Times, says: ‘While the use of the word socialism might have some positive (though contested) meaning to a minuscule percentage of the population, to most Americans it has a negative connotation. It simplifies, at worst, government dictatorship and lack of freedom-Russia, China, Eastern Europe; and, at best, it means bureaucracy and the welfare state England, Sweden, etc. Socialism has a bad name in America, and no amount of wishful thinking on the part of the left is going to change that in our lifetimes. . . . The words Economic Democracy are an adequate and effective replacement. ‘

The CED was boob-bait for naïve, blindly-trusting progressives — the same sheeple who twice voted for Barack Obama and still stand behind his National Socialist regime of drone warfare, wealth redistribution, health care fascism, and crony corporatism.

3:30 pm on January 26, 2014